New Programming Blockchain Prices

New Pricing

The new pricing is $4000 USD. There is a $500 discount for applications submitted 14 days+ before the event and $1000 discount for applications submitted 28 days+ before the event. This is to encourage people to apply early. All prices will be denominated in the equivalent amount in BTC as of the application acceptance date and the acceptances will expire after 72 hours.

What You Get

Programming Blockchain is a live, in-person 2-day seminar. The course has been described as a firehose of information over 2 days. You will get about a semester’s worth of information compressed into two 8-hour days (this is not an exaggeration, I’m in negotiations to teach this as a semester-long course at a major university!).

We Need Developers!

To encourage further development in the space, I will give a $500 discount to anyone who’s contributed to any major Bitcoin project on GitHub. Alternatively, I will refund the $500 after the course if any student gets a PR merged to said repositories.



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Jimmy Song

Jimmy Song

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