What is money, really?

Blind Spots in our Education

You can forgive them for their ignorance in this matter. Jewish teaching at the time, and to some degree today, believed that a Messiah would restore the nation of Israel and that’s what these Jewish followers of Jesus grew up learning. They didn’t have the benefit of the perspective we have today of seeing Christ change civilization forever.

Conviction Conflation

What’s particularly dangerous is that many assumptions about money and economics sneak into our worldview and get conflated with our Christian convictions. We think that our convictions on how the economy works has the same moral force as the law written on our hearts or the convictions we have as Christians.

Money and Economics

That’s unfortunately the position we’re finding ourselves in the money and economics realm. There are those that tell us what Christians should believe, not from critical examination of the Bible, but from convictions from an ideology outside the gospel.

Getting Out of the Cesspool

So what are Christians to do? How should we think about not just the money, but the very monetary system that we were born into?



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Jimmy Song

Jimmy Song


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